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We are a private, non-profit organization comprised of volunteers and a small staff many of whom are your neighbors and friends. We came together because we care about the future of this great land, and about our community.

As a land trust, we have the tools and expertise to protect and preserve the special places of our region.  In collaboration with communities, partners, and landowners, we work to protect the natural habitats, rural landscapes, and open spaces of the Great Peninsula of western Puget Sound.

Won’t you join us?

Full moon at Point-No-Noint.

Board of Directors

Kathleen Peters, President
- Bainbridge Island

Margarent 'Kit' Ellis, Vice President

- Gig Harbor

Russell Hartman, Secretary

- Bremerton

Mark Walsh, Treasurer

- Poulsbo

Evan Bauder

- Belfair

Peter Namtvedt Best

- Bainbridge Island

Erin Ewald

- Gig Harbor

Katrina Knutson

- Gig Harbor

Arthur 'Wes' Larson

- Bremerton

Mark Mauren


David Morris

- Gig Harbor

Steve Sego

-Port Orchard

Justin Stiefel

- Gig Harbor

Patricia Weagant


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